Adrianne Stone Hidden Relics 1.0
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Adrianne Stone Hidden Relics 1.0

Adrianne Stone Hidden Relics is a pretty challenging hidden-object game
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Adrianne Stone, a young investigator in search for her first paid job, is sent by her professor to Europe to carry some valuable antiques. The plane where she is flying is hijacked, and a thief jumps off the plane taking the antiques cargo with him. The thief is said to have landed at Morocco, so that's the starting point of your travel to recover the stolen antiques.
Featuring a typical hidden-object gameplay, the game presents a series of HOG scenes where you need to find the items on the list before your time runs out. Stolen antiques are hidden in these areas, but they are not easily detectable by the bare eye; you will need special P.I. artifacts to find them: UV flashlights, HD magnifying goggles, X-ray tools, etc. These tools are provided by the Gadget Man, and an extra effort is required to obtain them. The Gadget Man will put to the test your puzzle-solving skills before he sells any of his special gadgets.
HOG scenes are organized into chapters, each with different cities to visit. There is an interactive map where you can choose the city you want to explore, so if you get stuck in one of them, you can jump to another and come back later to complete the unsolved scene.
As Adrianne makes her way through Europe recovering the lost antiques, new challenges and twists are added to the mission. For example, you need to collect the plane gas cans hidden in each scene, as there is a gas shortage that might prevent you from traveling.
At the end of each chapter, the professor will give you a report of your performance, keeping track of the time used to complete an area, the amount of antiques found, the bonus hints collected, and the special items recovered.
All in all, this is a nice and pretty challenging game that will appeal to HOG veterans for its level of difficulty. It has a nice, well-constructed investigation story, with great visuals and all the elements one can expect from a good HOG.

MR Senior editor
Mariel Rearte
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Review summary


  • Nice graphics and sound
  • The P.I. gadgets used to find special items are a great feature
  • You can choose the city you want to explore from the interactive map
  • Very challenging hidden-object scenes
  • Penalties for wrong clicking adds up more difficulty


  • A few grammar and spelling mistakes here and there



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